Carlo Strub

Harddisk Encryption with Geli

This is a tutorial to guide you through the setup of a fully encrypted laptop with FreeBSD, Geli, and a separate boot/key flash drive.

Holiday Checklist

Here are some items to be considered before going on vacation. Winter and Sommer stuff is mixed. If I missed an item, please leave a comment below.


Bapu provides a graphical interface to manage your virtual machines on Gandi.

A General and Intuitive Envelope Theorem (2017, with A. Clausen)

Previous envelope theorems establish differentiability of value functions. Our techniques apply to all functions whose derivatives appear in first-order conditions. We derive first-order conditions involving the derivatives of (i) the Stackelberg follower’s policy in a Stackelberg leader’s problem, and (ii) a borrower’s value function and default cut-off policy function in an unsecured credit economy. Our techniques also accommodate optimization problems involving discrete choices, infinite horizon stochastic dynamic programming, and Inada conditions.

Money Cycles (2016, with A. Clausen)

Operating overheads are widespread and lead to concentrated bursts of activity. To transfer resources between active and idle spells, agents demand financial assets. Futures contracts and lotteries are unsuitable, as they have substantial overheads of their own. We show that money – under efficient monetary policy – is a liquid asset that leads to efficient allocations. Under all other policies, agents follow inefficient “money cycle” patterns of saving, activity, and inactivity.