Harddisk Encryption with Geli

4 minute read Published:

How to encrypt a volume with Geli on FreeBSD and ZFS.

This is a tutorial to guide you through the setup of a fully encrypted laptop with FreeBSD, Geli, and a separate boot/key flash drive.

Checksum a DVD

1 minute read Published:

How to checksum a DVD, for example an installer DVD of an operating system.

Sometimes you get a DVD that you would like to checksum. For example one to install a new operating system.

Replace a Harddisk

1 minute read Published:

Steps reqired to replace an old harddisk with a new one on FreeBSD.

Here, we explain how to move from an old disk to a new one.

Connectivity to HSG

1 minute read Published:

This document describes how to connect to the university network using a VPN

This page explains how to connect to the network of the University of St. Gallen.


1 minute read Published:

Introduction into FreeBSD auditing.

Auditing is pretty useful, here is how to turn it on.