Secure Communication via Tor

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Some things to know when applying Tor to your communication

Tor allows you to surf anonymously. It can be used not only for normal HTTP traffic but for SSH connections as well. The following is a quick installation guide.


Install security/tor and security/privoxy


Configure privoxy to use tor, configure tor to run as a normal client only.

Add the environment variables to your local .cshrc file and in /etc/csh.cshrc

echo "setenv http_proxy" >> .cshrc
echo "setenv HTTP_PROXY" >> .cshrc

Now, most applications will use privoxy as a proxy through tor.

Check, if tor works: open in your browser.

SSH and Tor

Install net/socat

Edit /etc/ssh/ssh_config

Host *.onion ProxyCommand socat - SOCKS4A:localhost:%h:%p,socksport-9050
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